About the Archive


The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive was originally created in 2004 by Dr. Stephen B. Thomas in collaboration with the Center for Minority Health and the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of the archive was to serve as an online repository of print and electronic media related to the health of the four nationally recognized minority groups in the United States: African American/Black, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian American/Pacific Islander (See the NIH policy on reporting race and ethnicity data for subjects in clinical research, NOTICE NOT-OD-01-053).

In 2011, the editorship of the archive moved from the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Minority Health to the Maryland Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland. In 2016, the hosting of the archive transferred to the University of Maryland Libraries. As the depth of knowledge about the health and health determinants of minority and vulnerable groups moves beyond racial and ethnic lines, we broadened our scope to include the health of all groups that suffer disproportionate burden of disease and mortality both in the US and globally. Additionally, we place emphasis on health equity as national and international public health groups increasingly include the elimination of health disparities and the achievement of health equity among their major goals.

Contents of the Archive

The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive is an online repository of materials related to minority health and health equity. The archive has a goal to be the primary repository for these types of materials. Materials included in the archive must be related to the health of minority racial, ethnic, and other vulnerable groups in the United States and globally or the topic of health equity. The materials cover the general health, current research involving, or health disparities among, any of these particular groups as well as materials related to the major contributors and contributions to the field of minority health. 

Materials include journal articles, web-based materials, government documents, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, conference papers, course outlines and syllabi, events/presentations, images, pre-prints, theses/dissertations, and other materials relevant to our goal.

Administration and Support

The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive is hosted by the University of Maryland Libraries.